FWD Insurance:

Live, Create, Inspire –
A Celebrate Living Exhibition

In collaboration with Hong Kong Multimedia Design Association (HKMMDA), FWD Insurance invites you to “Live, Create, Inspire – A Celebrate Living Exhibition”, the exhibition will showcase 15 Hong Kong artists and designers artworks for almost two months to deliver messages of unwavering optimism. ‘Live, Create, Inspire’ showcases three zones of art, including:

  • A charming set of vintage hand-painted porcelain, inspired by the 1950s
  • An interpretative collection of Hong Kong’s iconic neon signage
  • Colorful stories that can be visualized through concrete motifs and shadow play
  • An engaging display of upcycled peafowl sculpture
  • An evocative exhibit of illustration

Date: July 13 – October 25, 2020
Opening time: 10:00 – 22:00
Venue: 1881 Heritage and FWD HOUSE 1881, Tsim Sha Tsui

In addition, guests can enjoy AR and VR technology shows as well as a free live screen-printing booth that can be enjoyed onsite, available on every weekend in the afternoon from August, where attendees can customize their own tote bags with artistic details exclusively designed by the artists.

The Artists

Virtual Exhibition

The Artists

Marva Wong - HKMMDA
Art piece: Waveline and Hydrangea Paradise

Marva Wong, who has loved art design since childhood and has been engaged in advertising industry, art & design, and exhibition project manager for more than 8 years after graduating from the Hong Kong Design Institute. In 2015, Marva teams up several art designers and founded the Hong Kong Multimedia Design Association and contributed a lot to the multimedia design industry. In addition to developing business in Hong Kong, Marva led many non-profit organizations to organize art exhibitions and design projects in overseas and mainland cities to nurture local design talents. Recently, Marva has also participated in several art design projects and used different materials and media to create soulful works.

Lo Yat Ming & Tony Wong — Light with Shade
Art piece: Light of The City

Founded in early 2014, Light with Shade is a young and creative company. The founder Yat Ming has been working on graphic, interior and product design for 12 years, leading a diverse and passionate team. Light with Shade specialize on lighting design with wide range of service, including product and gift design, interior lighting decoration and visual installation with retail shops, office, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls in Hong Kong, Asia, UK, Europe and USA. In 2018, they received Red Dot Product Design Award and Hong Kong Smart Design Award.

Tony joined Light with Shade for years, taking part on product design, interior design and installation in Hong Kong and overseas projects. With a depth love of Hong Kong culture and history, Tony has developed Hong Kong related design on our art collection “City of Lighting”. The collection has presented in Asian Contemporary Art, gallery and hotel in Hong Kong.

Aimee Mak and Tsui Chee Yee — &DEAR
Art piece: Plasticataed Life – peafowl

&dear hopes to raise public awareness by sharing the message of animal conservation through different media and activities. &dear envisions animals and humans to live in harmony and respect.

Aimee has experience working on branding, illustration and graphic design projects. she also enjoys painting murals and exploring the nature. with a strong passion for animal and nature, Aimee would like to turn her art and design skill to meaningful work. With exposure to different forms of art since early age, Chee Yee has developed a great interest in art and design. With the background of graphic design and artist, he has established his own aesthetics sense by combining the emotional beauty of art and rationale system of design.

Stefan Chui - Mr. Hammers
Art piece: Rainbow Chapel

Stefan Chui graduated from Bachelor of Art in Architecture of the University of Lincoln and worked at renowned architecture firms in Hong Kong. He specializes in studying how to transform ordinary -- and often neglected -- materials into art pieces and product designs. His most well-known creation is his transformation of concrete and cement, which earned him the name Mr. Hammers. He led different projects, including those for public installation art pieces;City Dress Up : Seats‧Together, 2017 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, 2018 Hong Kong – Macao Visual Art Biennale (Beijing, Dunhuang, Hangzhou), 2019 Hong Kong Museum of Art “The Breath of Landscape” first art exhibition and public workshops.

Jane Lee - Messy Desk
Art piece: Doodle Planet

Jane Lee, aka Messy Desk, winner of international awards including - 1st-Runner up JIA Illustration Award Japan Illustrator’s Association 2016, The Best Illustration (Advertising) 4th Greater China Illustration Award 2016, Concours Jeunes Talents at Angouleme International Comic Festival France 2012 etc. Jane’s drawing is full of joyful characters, animals, happy faces inter-waving between buildings, rainbow and even outer space, her art is carefully crafted stroke after stroke, the result is high density landscape with an explosion of colour, frantic as it might seem at first glance, while on close inspection each piece of her art is full of emotional stories, like charming little treasures hidden in plain sight, awaiting to be discovered.

Tso Chi-hung - Yuet Tung China Works
Art piece: Inheritance of Joy and Animation Porcelain

Yuet Tung China Works is a hand-painted porcelain factory in Hong Kong. Tso Lui-chung and his partners founded the factory, in name of Kam Wah Loong in 1928 in Kowloon City. In its heyday, Yuet Tung had more than 300 employees, but advancing years and retirements have now left only four. Over the past 91 years, the business of Yuet Tung has been passed down through three generations: Tso Lui-chung (1898-1980), Tso Wing-shui (b. 1925) and Tso Chi-hung (b.1949). It is the oldest painted porcelain factory in Hong Kong, which has witnessed the rise and fall of the industry.

Only Yuet Tung remains in Hong Kong and maintains its porcelain production fired in the company’s own kiln in this day. Guangcai and Hong Kong ware produced by Yuet Tung are truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Snow Chung - Sand-Sation
Art piece: Sand-Sation

Snow, the Hong Kong Sand Painting artist, founder of Snow Sand Art Limited. Snow Sand Art Limited creates lively sand films with touching stories, and record the memories.

Snow learnt painter from Xu Hai Qiu and started her journey of art. In 2018, Snow started to develop wedding sand painting market in Hong Kong, and explore the children’s sand painting education market. She works as a tutor in several schools and educational institutions and participate in different performance project, concert sand painting performance, company’s sand painting performance, produced many touching stories.

Aska Yeung – HKMMDA
Art piece: Exploration

Mr. Aska Yeung has more than 13 years of experience in design industry and participated in a number of public, private and design projects. In 2013, he was commissioned by the Hong Kong Tourism Board as the design coordinator of music and lighting design for the Mid-Autumn Special Programme "Lantern Wonderland". Continuously, he also passionate to develop urban revitalization and multimedia experience in local community with design and technologies.

Aron Tsang & Wesley Ho – Napp Studio
Art piece: Pond of Frangipani

Napp Studio & Architects was founded by Aron Tsang and Wesley Ho in 2016. It is a progressive design collaboration that works across scale - from architecture, interior to furniture and product. As architects, they approach design subjects through series and layers of rigorous operations e.g. social, formal, practical, structural and environmental, which are translated in all scales.

They won several local and international awards including Gold Award in Taipei International Design Award and Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award; and works have been exhibited in a number of exhibitions e.g. 16th International Venice Architecture Biennale, SPARK The Science and Art of Creativity, Hong Kong/Shen Zhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.

Rolland Cheung - agape design ltd.
Art piece: The SunSetup

Founder of agape design ltd. Awarded from different design competition, Rolland started to learn and delve into artistic creation since four years old. After graduated from the University of Middlesex University in the UK in year of 2017, he worked in the architectural and interior design firm, responsible for the renovation of old buildings, design conservation (e.g. Wan Chai Blue House, JCCAC, Old Tai Po Police Station)

Zoe Siu - ZOEE
Art piece: Knotted Slide

Zoe Siu is a Hong Kong-based knot designer, known for her bold, sculptural accessories and striking ropework installations. Weaving together traditional craftsmanship with inventive design, Zoe’s creations are both sophisticated yet playful, contemporary yet timeless. In 2011, Zoe founded the accessories label ZOEE. She has since created a diverse range of innovative, knot-inspired jewelry collections, attracting stockists from major cities across Asia.

Dedicated to promoting the art of knotting, Zoe regularly runs workshops for international brand launches, including OMEGA, ADIDAS, UNIQLO, MIKIMOTO, 45R, and MARIMEKKO, etc. Zoe has also been invited to represent Hong Kong at international exhibitions, such as the ‘Brussels Design September’ festival 2013, London Craft Week 2017, AUTOR Jewellery Fair 2017 in Romania, Athens Jewellery Week 2019 in Greece.

Dom Chan - Start From Zero
Art piece: Seesaw Power Generator

Start From Zero was founded by a Hong Kong local street artist - Dom. START stands for STreet ART, STencil ART and STicker ART. Another meaning of the name - Dom started performing street art from nothing, i.e. zero.

‘I hope that when someone see my stickers,they will be like me, start doing street art from “zero”.It can be a slogan for encouraging people when they are unhappy, down or miserable.’

He also wants people to remind their friends of this slogan when the same things happen.


The “Mr. Cinema" themed wooden nostalgic lamp recalls all our memories of the old Hong Kong, participants can use little lamps to tell their very own interesting stories through the design and retain their valuable memories. They will also gain basic knowledge of electrician and understand the process of making lamps in the workshop.

Workshop is suspended until further notice.

Unfold Your Creativity with Resin Art

Resin is a chemical which comes in two components - resin and hardener, when mixed together it will create a glass finish on the surface and becomes a waterproof, beautiful epoxy glass like surface. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create their own small container tray with resin art and feel the possibilities in of it during the process.

Workshop is suspended until further notice.

Create Your Own Moving Sand Picture Frame

Through this workshop, participants will understand sand painting history, sand painting tools and the characteristics of sand. They will also learn basic sand painting skills (control, spreading, leaking and patting) with hand as a pen and sand as ink and learn how to create different patterns through sand painting techniques. Participants will also make a sand easel to bring home.

Workshop is suspended until further notice.

Learn to make a hand-painted Porcelain

Traditional handicraft industry is gradually declining in Hong Kong, while Yuet Tung China Works is the last remaining hand-painted porcelain factory in the city that has a history of 92 years, and it still continues to promote its traditional handicrafts and culture to the community. In this 1-hour workshop, participants will learn how to use overglaze technique to paint on a 7-inch round coup plate. The painted plate will be fired at high temperature in the kiln and will be available for pick up in 2-3 weeks’ time.

Workshop is suspended until further notice.