About The Araki

The Araki is a one-of-a-kind intimate dining experience offering sushi like you’ve never seen before. Founder, Chef Mitsuhiro Araki is the only Japanese sushi chef to have ever achieved 3 Michelin stars in both Tokyo and London. The Araki focuses on serving their guests with Chef Araki’s world-renowned style of sushi which follows the origins of Edomae sushi. In Hong Kong, the Araki takes great pride in showcasing some locally-caught seafood and the best ingredients Japan has to offer.

Located in one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful heritage buildings, with only 10-counter seats, every guest at The Araki will have a chance to interact with one of the world’s greatest sushi masters and experience a new perspective on Japan’s most revered culinary tradition.

Join the team

If you would like to join the Araki team, please email us your CV to thearaki@fwdhouse1881.com

Operation Hours

Tuesday: 18:00, 20:30
Wednesday: 12:30, 18:00
Thursday: 12:30, 18:00
Friday: 12:30, 18:00, 20:30
Saturday: 12:30, 18:00, 20:30
Close on Sunday & Monday

We are committed to upholding the highest standards to serve you with an authentic Edomae sushi experience. We strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the Center for Food Safety (CFS). We meticulously source only the best and highest quality ingredients from approved and reliable suppliers locally and in Japan. We are looking forward to welcoming you at The Araki and demonstrating you the best of each ingredient from different origins.

If we are unable to accommodate due to unexpected delivery delays, our team will be in touch as soon as possible.


The Araki will be open for reservation until 31 December 2023. During this period, apprentices of Chef Mitsuhiro Araki will continue to serving you with the same Edomae Sushi Omakase Experience.


10 seats

Dress Code

Smart Casual


Edomae Sushi Omakase


Phone: +852 3988 0000
WhatsApp: +852 5729 4188
Email: thearaki@fwdhouse1881.com

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Chef Mitsuhiro Araki

Born and raised in Kyushu, Mitsuhiro Araki grew up around food. In 2000, he opened his own restaurant in Setagaya and after another ten years, he moved his restaurant to Ginza where it immediately gained three Michelin stars within the same year. Shortly after, in 2013, Araki decided to set himself a new challenge and moved to London to start all over again. He quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with as he incorporated local English ingredients into his menu, and by 2016, was awarded his first Michelin star and The Araki was named by Tatler Magazine as the best Japanese restaurant in London in their restaurant guide, while the Harden’s Guide named it the best restaurant in the UK. By 2018, he had regained his three-star status.

Now, Hong Kong will finally have a chance to see what one of the world’s greatest sushi masters can offer when he challenges himself.